Company informations

Construction company Promto, a.s. was established with connecting skills and experiences of prominent design engineering company PROMA,s r. o.and long-time practical experiences of directorial managers of the several successful construction companies with 15 years tradition There by unit arose able to completely realize aims of our investors in range from offer and assurance of advisable ground for building, from design and engineering supervision, realization of the building to the final approval of buildings. The company´s services include the offer of production and administration rentals.

When realizing structures we recline upon realization companies which provide required quality and adhere to financial charges and realization dates agreed upon. We stick to the principle that there must not be any experiments made during construction works and the work must be executed at high-quality level at the first time.

On 09.03.2018 won the company PROMTO, a.s. certificate about implemented, maintains and is continually improving the management system according to the standards STN EN ISO 9001:2016, STN EN 14001:2016 a STN OHSAS 18001:2009 in the area Implementation of buildings and their changes, Engineering in construction (project management), Performence of construction managerand building supervision.


All top-management executives have minimum 15 years experience with preparation of the buildings, design activities and construction of the buildings. All of them have authorizations, responsible civil engineer, construction manager or building surveyor. References are the following buildings that were realized by joint-stock companies, or the top-management executives of PROMTO Inc took part directly in the realization in the course of their previous working activities in the successful construction companies.



Management company

chairman: Ing. Milan Tamborský
vicechairman: Ing. Miroslav Mihál
director: Ing. Rudolf Holtán