Activity of company in civil engineering by Companies Register:

  • realization of buildings and their changes
  • realization of preparatory pre-design activity, especially to elaboration engineering purpose of the public works, investment goal, architectural designs, land-planning examination and analysation, complete development engineering documentations and variant studies
  • performance of complete design engineering activity, especially to elaborate architectural designs and documentations for placement of the buildings and their changes including their interior accessories and exterior, also reconstruction and modernization of buildings and architectural monuments
  • performance of design management, especially for control of the design and coordination of partial designs elaborated by engineers, architects, landscape designers and other experts and also for performance of professional authorís supervision of realization of buildings in accordance with an approved design documentation
  • elaboration of an appropriate part of land use planning and land use planning documentation
  • representation of investor in preparation and realization of the buildings
  • elaboration of the background documents necessary for environmental impact assessment of the building
  • performance of building supervision
  • development of design documentation for simple buildings, small buildings and changes of these buildings
  • performance of construction manager activities
  • agency of the sales, rentals and bought immovable property
  • rental immovable properties connected with provision other than base service joined with rental
  • provision of the service necessary for activity buildings, facilities of the buildings
  • sales accounting service
  • purchase commodity in order to sales to the final user (ratail trade) or another operator business (wholesale trade).